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Side Trimmer/Chopper Refurbishment for Voest Alpine Industries
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Voest Alpine Industries awarded an order to ISSCO for the complete refurbishment of a side trimmer / chopper. The project includes complete dismantle to component size, detailed inspection, technical evaluation of components, technical recommendation for repair, new component purchase, assembly, machine piping and testing. All work will be performed by ISSCO personnel.

Once ISSCO’s Quality Control Department approves the test results, the side trimmer will be painted, prepared for overseas shipping and loaded into ocean freight containers. ISSCO has recently shipped approximately 750 tons of refurbished equipment from the Etna facility.

In accordance with the new Chinese regulations for the importation of wood products, ISSCO documents and stamps all wood packaging and dunnage materials.







Side Trimmer Before Refurbishment





Side Trimmer During Refurbishment

Side Trimmer assembly progress