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RMI Roll Change Modifications
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ISSCO just completed an engineering and manufacturing project for RMI Titanium, Niles, Ohio, to upgrade the Roll Change Procedure for the Hot Mill.

The existing method of roll changing consisted of manually connecting a steel cable and chain sling to lifting roller tables on the entry and exit sides of the mill stand.   The cable would then be connected to RMI’s overhead crane which would raise the tables into the roll change position just outside the mill stand window.   This would provide clearance in the mill window to remove the roll sets.   An operator would now enter the mill stand area and manually insert locking pins in four locations on the inside of the mill stand, as a safety device during roll change,  to prevent the lifting tables from accidentally dropping into the mill window.

In order to minimize manual operator intervention within the mill stand, and also eliminate problems with the cable breaking/slipping, ISSCO designed an electric chain hoist arrangement which replaced the use of the overhead crane and cable arrangement.   An operator could now safely position the lifting tables with a detachable pendant located on the outside of the mill housing.

In addition, four manually operated locking pin devices were designed to enable the operator to safely engage the pins with the lifting table, from outside the mill stand housing.

Installation and start-up of the new equipment is being done by RMI Titanium.