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On-Site Engineering and Technical Assessment

ISSCO’s On-Site Engineering and Technical Evaluation program offer our customers a comprehensive engineering and equipment assessment program that works extremely well when the customer has purchased a used facility or is considering the pursuit of one. Our program will provide the customer with enough information to make technically sound and economically viable decisions.

The program includes:

Locating and identifying all documentation (including drawings, manuals, software, production reports, etc.) for all existing equipment. An inventory data base of all equipment is then developed and a determination of missing equipment is prepared. This documentation will assist in all aspects of your project, including proper Dismantling and subsequent Installation.

Visual inspection of existing mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and all auxiliary equipment. ISSCO will generate Inspection Reports including photographs of the dismantling stage with recommendations and cost estimates

Generating a project database for all of the equipment that will be used throughout the project. ISSCO assigns each piece of equipment an Equipment Tracking Number (“ETN”) that will follow each piece of equipment (and sub-assemblies) throughout the project. This number will be consistent in the dismantling, shipping, receiving, reassembly, and installation process.

For facilitation of installation, ISSCO incorporates the ETN onto General Arrangement Drawings.

ISSCO will supply technical information packages to facilitate match marking and disassembly.

ISSCO can also supply Request for Quotations that can be used for reinstallation bidding purposes.

We work closely with customers to insure that a complete and thorough evaluation is performed