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Equipment Refurbishment

Refurbishment can significantly extend the operational life of your equipment and is often a preferred alternative to new. Many customers find that rebuild and refurbishment programs can save them 40-60% over the cost of new equipment. Our 75,000 square foot facility provides a superior-quality, equipment re-manufacturing service. Whether you require a complete system refurbishment, a minor modification or a configuration change, you can rely on ISSCO’s experienced staff for unparalleled and stellar service. Each system we refurbish will perform to the required specifications, and all refurbished systems come with a warranty.

Our Refurbishment Process includes:

1. Evaluation & Proposal – Full evaluation of the equipments condition followed by a proposal and statement of work for the customer.

2. Disassembly – We perform a complete disassembly which includes wiring, electronics, sheet metal parts, housings, covers, etc.

3. Clean and Repaint – All parts are cleaned by pressure washing, sanding and/or blast cleaning. All exposed machined surfaces are cleaned and coated for protection. Rust inhibitors are applied and then followed up with primer and then painted with a high-grade exterior paint.

4. Inspection – All items are carefully inspected for wear, damage or defects.

5. Replace Damaged Parts – Any components that fail to meet specifications are removed and replaced with working parts.

6. Rewire and Rebuild – We replace damagedcomponents and damaged wiring.

7. Test and Commission – An acceptance test isperformed on the unit to assure that the functionalperformance meets the required criteria. We deliver and optionally install and perform commissioningtests at the customer site.

8. Product Warranty – All refurbished equipmentis warranted.

9. Shipment and Follow-up – The refurbished unit is professionally packaged and shipped to your facility where you will receive a follow-up contactto ensure ISSCO’s service has met your expectations.