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Ispat Tables and Centering Guides Project
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ISSCO recently completed a table and centering guide modernization project for Ispat Inland’s East Chicago, Indiana Hot Plate Mill. In Phase 1, ISSCO built new table sections and assembled new Centering Guides which were successfully installed and commission in September 2004.

During phase 2 of the project, ISSCO received existing line shafts and roll assemblies which were subsequently disassembled, cleaned and inspected; all by ISSCO personnel. Unusable parts were replaced with new and the remaining components were refurbished and assembled. Prior to shop testing, the centering guides were assembled with all new components, fixed to the table frames. After final inspection, the completed units were shipped to the site for “Just in Time Delivery”.


Ready for shipment

Line Shafts Prior to Disassembly and Inspection

Centering Guides

Completed Table Assembly


Table Lineshaft Assembly
All miter points were set for profile and backlash